Los Bastardos Play Reading @ MACLA // San Jose

Join us for a staged reading of a poignant play depicting an immigrant mother’s struggle to balance career, identity, and imposter syndrome.

Friday, August 18 at 7:30pm
Los Bastardos Play Reading @ MACLA, Downtown San Jose.
MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana
510 S 1st St San Jose, CA 95113

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About event:

Join us and contribute the development of this new play by Mercedes Floresislas.

Audiences will get an opportunity to experience the stage reading of a new play and offer feedback on ways the playwright can dive deeper into the text.

In this poignant and thought-provoking play, an immigrant working mother faces a myriad of challenges as she strives to establish herself as both a playwright and a university professor. Balancing the demands of her professional and personal life, she finds herself grappling with imposter syndrome, questioning her own abilities and self-worth. As her students look up to her as a role model, her internal struggle intensifies, leading her into a profound identity crisis.

Driven by a desperate need for guidance and a game plan for success, she turns to her own role model, Eulalia Guzman, a figure she has long admired and aspired to emulate.

However, she soon discovers that the elusive formula for achievement does not exist by design. In a poignant twist, she realizes that like all role models before her, she must confront and overcome her own imposter syndrome before she can truly find her own path to success.

This work was commissioned by MACLA with the support of The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation


San José Downtown Parking Map Lots closest to MACLA: First Street & I-280 and 630 S 1st St. Covered Parking: San Jose Convention Center Lot: Market St & San Carlos St Entrance. For additional details on parking visit

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