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Racism! Concord’s Parents of ‘DE LA SALLE’ rants Latino Central Valley ‘SANGER’ school.

LATINO CHILDREN should not have to be experiencing this! demands APOLOGIES ASAP from those racist parents & the school. So far, there are no apologies!

In the same week, another Central Valley high school experienced racism. See that story below.

source: abc7news.

“Some of them were calling our kids ‘Edgar’ and ‘Juan’, and ‘Do you need a burrito?'”

A Valley soccer team from Sanger in the Central Valley was left speechless after parents say they were the target of racial insults from the opposing side.

The Sanger High School soccer team traveled three hours north to De La Salle High School in Concord on Tuesday, ready to play their hearts out in the state quarterfinals.

Then parents were shocked to hear alleged racist remarks against them and their children.

See 2 videos:

Fans for both teams were sharing one bleacher, and moments before the game, Sanger parent Chris Martin was approached by someone working the press box, representing the opposing team.

He says the conversation left him uneasy.

“The sense I kept getting from him is that he kept referring to the color of the tan, like, ‘Oh it must be very hot out there, everyone I am seeing has a tan’,” Martin recounts.

Once the game kicked off, the intensity was felt on the field and the bleachers.

“Some of them were calling our kids ‘Edgar’ and ‘Juan’, and ‘Do you need a burrito?'” Martin says.

Ultimately, Sanger lost 3-4, and as everyone prepared to leave, the man who initially approached Martin and multiple parents came back, and they say, shouted racially charged comments.

“He just yells out: ‘This is America. You guys need to learn English’ towards one of the fathers that are Latino, have dark skins and his son, one of the heroes on our team,” says Martin.

A lengthy social media post alleges that Sanger parents heard comments throughout the game about how the largely Latino visiting team “must be upset because we couldn’t mow the synthetic turf” and asking if Sanger players wanted a burrito. The post also accused one of the people working in the stadium’s press box of stepping out of the booth after the game to tell a group of Sanger parents that “half your team doesn’t speak English” and, “This is America, you need to learn English.”

The Sanger community was speechless.

The Sanger Unified School District released a statement saying they are a vibrant and diverse school district that values each and every student and has zero tolerance towards any action that degrades, dishonors or belittles their vast diversity.

De La Salle High School president David Holquin said remarks like that would be reprehensible and unacceptable.

“We have spoken with CIF and the Sanger High principal and with individuals here as we continue to investigate,” said Holquin.

Martin and other parents say their drive home Tuesday evening felt even longer as they reflected on the hurtful words and experience.

Of more than 1,000 students who attend De La Salle, just under half are white, while fewer than 20% are Latino or Hispanic, according to the school’s website. Filipino and Asian students represent about 9% of the student body, and 4% are Black or African American.

By contrast, more than 76% of Sanger High’s student body is Latino or Hispanic, according to data from the California Department of Education, while white students make up less than 11%. Only 1.1% of Sanger High’s students are Black or African American.

The California Interscholastic Federation Office has not responded back. This is an ongoing investigation.

The second racism incident occurred within days of the first one!

source: Fresno Bee

Jasara Gillette, the girls soccer coach at Buchanan High School, experienced racist taunts at her players during crucial overtime penalty kicks in a NorCal championship match Saturday night in the Sacramento suburb of El Dorado Hills.

As a result, Gillette’s team will be returning its Northern California Division I runner-up medals and the second-place plaque to the CIF as a measure of protest.

“It just doesn’t seem right,” Gillette told The Bee, after two days of reflection on the incident in which a fan on the Oak Ridge side of the field made barking noises as one of the Bears’ Hispanic players took and missed her penalty kick.

As a second player, who is Black, was successfully taking her shot, sounds that Gillette described as “gorilla” noises came from the stands, perhaps from the same fan.

The incident at El Dorado Hills – which was captured on video – came just days after players on another Valley team, the Sanger High School Apaches boys soccer team, and their fans who traveled for their regional quarterfinal match against De La Salle High School in Concord were also reportedly targeted by anti-Hispanic remarks from the home team’s students, fans and others.

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