Conmemoración 11 de septiembre 1973: Chile 50th Anniversary of USA backed coup // Berkeley

Conmemoración 11 de septiembre 1973.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the U.S.-backed coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973 in Chile.

September 11, 2022
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705


About event!

The first event of our month-long commemoration of the coup will be a Community Commemoration on Monday, September 11th, 6pm-9pm, where we will be coming together to reflect on what it means to resist today, turning grief into beauty through music, art, poetry, dance, and food.

Pd. Our other events related to “Chile 50 Años” are on Sept. 22nd and Sept. 29th. More details at



Being today at a critical moment of the Chilean political history where we are voting to change our constitution (written during the dictatorship), gathering and remembering where we come from and what we’re moving towards feels extremely necessary.

Please join us in this FREE and intimate event of commemoration that revitalizes our collective memory and continues the struggle for justice and dignity for all!

We will have live music, art, Chilean food, wine, and the traditional artistic installation in front of our mural that helps us honor those who are no longer with us.

Come and be part of this important space of remembrance, resistance, and community building ✊.


Event details!


This year is the 50th anniversary of the coup d’etat that —supported by the CIA and the US government— overthrew the democratically elected president Salvador Allende on September 11, 1973 in Chile.


The night will include live music, visual art, Chilean food from El Meson de Violeta, Chilean beverages (vino navegado), a handmade community altar, Chilean dance (cuecas, among others), and a good opportunity to talk and reflect on the importance of this day for our past, our present, and our future.

We will also have the pre-screening of “La Peña, a 50-year Love Story”, a short documentary directed by Chilean filmmaker Francisco Núñez Capriles and a multimedia art exhibition called “Deconstructing Episodic Memory” by community member and former political prisoner Héctor Salgado.





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