[Gala] 6th Annual LLA @ Mexican Heritage Plaza // San Jose

6th Annual LLA Gala
Mexican Heritage Plaza.

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About Gala!

The Latino Leadership Alliance (LLA) Gala is an annual event that celebrates Latino leaders and the significant contributions they have made to better the lives of the Latino community, and beyond.

The Gala also provides LLA the opportunity to raise critical dollars to help achieve our organizational mission and support essential programs like the Latino Leadership Alliance Academy, a leadership development program that centers around the Latino experience tailored to seasoned and mid-career professionals in business, education, government, and the nonprofit sectors.

The LLA Gala will announce the recipient of the 2023 Ollin Award.

The Ollin Award is LLA’s lifetime achievement award, stemming from the Nahuatl word for movement, steeped in MesoAmerican Indigenous cultures and intertwined with the stages of human life: To be a great leader, one must always move to grow, learn, support, and break down barriers to create new paths for others to join.

The Ollin has been presented for five years. Previous recipients include Cheech Marin (2022), California’s first Latino United States Senator Alex Padilla (2021), former Santa Clara County Supervisor and the first Latina San Jose City Council member and Vice Mayor Blanca Alvarado (2020), Latino Leadership Alliance co-founder and former East Side Union High School District Trustee Eddie Garcia (2019), Stanford University Professor Emeritus and one of founding scholars of the field of Mexican American history and Chicano Studies Dr. Albert Camarillo (2018), and Actor/Producer, Founder of Centro Legal de La Raza, and Founder of the National Association of State Latino Chambers of Commerce Tony Quintero (2013).

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We are thrilled to announce Xochitl Gonzalez as the esteemed Keynote Speaker and Ollin Recipient. We look forward to seeing you on June 1st, 2023.  

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