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Review! Jennifer Lopez New Netflix Documentary is ‘Halftime’ [video]

The new JLO documentary is very inspiring, especially for Latinas, Black and Brown communities, and those coping mentally who would like a positive lift.

Many in our Latino community [including ourselves!] have been very critical of her; that she craves the spotlight, and doesn’t meaningfully contribute to the Latino community.

However, she does address people’s doubts … especially her acting and singing. But it’s refreshing to see she acknowledges the wide criticism.

At the same time, she still seems overbearing, probably from her perfectionism. It’s something I hope she’ll improve upon.

And … she is finally empowering! The launch of LIMITLESS LABS will help to support Latina Businesses. 🙂

‘Halftime’ began to stream on Tuesday, June 14.

See video!

Beyoncé. Taylor Swift. And, now, Jennifer Lopez. Like many pop stars before her, Lopez is officially taking control of the cameras and using them to share her story in a Netflix documentary.

In the newly announced film Halftime, we’ll get a deep (and for many, long awaited) look inside the life of J.Lo — from her acting career to her musical superstardom.

Much like the diva-led docs of years past, this is more than a simple concert diary: It’s a glimpse into Lopez’s most fiercely protected, private moments — the kind of behind-the-scenes access fans crave. In Halftime, Lopez is giving us a peek behind the curtain — unpacking everything from her iconic 2020 Super Bowl halftime performance with Shakira (get it?) to her journey as a mom, Latinx creative and woman on the other side of 50. This is the Lopez you don’t see in glossy interviews.

As the newly released art for Halftime reveals, its celebrity subject, who turns 53 in July, is looking into the future with fearless determination. While many may view Lopez’s age as a reason to slow down — or cover up and quiet down — Halftime is her chance to prove she’s only revving up to get loud(er).

Check out her new empower program for Latinas!

One thought on “Review! Jennifer Lopez New Netflix Documentary is ‘Halftime’ [video]

  • Literally just finished watching her Netflix show! WoW… I learned SO much about JLo and have so much more respect for her! She Literally gives me that extra Lil something I was missing in feeling PROUD of being Latina! Thank you JLo!!
    Sonya M


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