Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with MAVA Wines

As proud Mexican Americans, we stand together to honor the rich tapestry of our heritage during Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs from September 15th to October 15th.

This annual celebration is a time to recognize and pay tribute to the invaluable contributions of Latinos to our society. We want to especially shine a spotlight on the remarkable accomplishments of our community in the wine industry.

The Latino community has a long history of involvement in the wine world, from vineyard workers to skilled winemakers, sommeliers, and entrepreneurs. Their dedication and passion have not only enriched the world of wine but also added a unique and vibrant dimension to the industry.

As we step into the vibrant and culturally rich month of Hispanic Heritage Month we’d like to kick off a new series where we showcase the incredible stories and contributions of MAVA members in the wine industry.

In this edition, we will be highlighting Bazan Cellars, Don Chalo Cellars, and Rios Wine Company.

Bazan Cellars

“Just like me, every vine has a journey and a story. After arriving in Napa, from Oaxaca, Mexico, I fell in love with the valley and never wanted to leave.

Spending time in the vineyards as a laborer, I discovered the joy of learning the process. Working with the air, soil, water and weather to grow grapes of extraordinary quality. Over the years I have been blessed to collectively work alongside the people who taught me, to create processes and standards that are in use in today’s vineyards. “ – Mario Bazan.

Don Chalo Cellars

Don Chalo Cellars, established in 2018 by the three youngest brothers of our family, stands as a testament to the memory of a man of unwavering spirit and determination, our beloved father, Don Rosalio Fernandez aka “Don Chalo.”

Today, the fusion of three palates is united by a single goal: crafting exquisite wines infused with love and passion to satisfy the most demanding palate. Collaboration is our cornerstone, as we come together to make vital decisions. Through diverse perspectives, decades of experience, and fresh ideas we enrich our winemaking style and perpetually strive for greater consistency. Our vision stretches into the future, a commitment to crafting exceptional wines for years to come. We aim to establish a family brand legacy, inspiring future generations of winemakers within our family, friends and community to carry on this cherished tradition.

Rios Wine Company

Rios Wine Company is a testament to the lifelong passion and dedication of Manuel Rios, its proprietor.

Manuel’s journey in the industry began at a tender age of 10, working alongside his father in the vineyards. This early experience cultivated his love for the land and ignited his desire to create something truly special for his family. Always the entrepreneur, Manuel established Rios Farming Company LLC in 1998, focusing on tending to the vineyards with utmost care and precision. Manuel has been responsible for up to 1200 acres of premium Napa Valley vineyards; from land development, vineyard farming management, and growers’ relations.

It was not long before his unwavering dedication and growing passion for vineyards led him to take the process from vine to bottle, culminating in the creation of Rios Wine Company, LLC in 2004. Manuel’s distinctive touch and hands-on approach permeates every aspect of the winemaking process; from vineyard management to grape selection, fermentation, and aging, ensuring that every drop of Rios Wine embodies his commitment to quality and excellence. Each bottle of Rios Wine tells a story of devotion and craftsmanship ensuring that it delivers an exceptional and unforgettable experience

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we will continue to showcase the stories of our incredible members, highlighting their achievements, dedication, and the positive impact they make on our society.

Let’s come together this Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate our members, their achievements, and the rich cultural tapestry that makes MAVA so special. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and events in the coming weeks!

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Thank you for being a part of the MAVA Wines family. We look forward to celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with you and raising our glasses to the richness of our shared culture.

¡Salud! Mexican American Vintners Association (MAVA)

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